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Emag VL5i Single Spindle Live Tool Vertical Turning (2) Machine Cell (2016)

size12" Chuck
Machining Length12.8"
Chuck Size12"
Power29 hp
Max RPM4,500 RPM
Turning Dia12"
Live ToolingYes
ControlCNC (Fanuc Series 32i-Model A)
Dimensions125" x 60" 125"

Emag VL5i Single Spindle Vertical Turning (2) Machine Cell WORKING AREA Chuck diameter mm 325 Swing diameter mm 325 X-stroke max. mm 660 Z-stroke mm 300 MAIN SPINDLE Spindle flange acc. to DIN 55026 size 6 Spindle front bearing diameter mm 110 MAIN DRIVE see description FEED DRIVE Rapid traverse feed, X m/min 60 Rapid traverse feed, Z m/min 30 Feed force, X, Z kN 10 Ball screw diameter X, Z mm 40 MACHINING UNIT see description ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT according to VDE 0113 Supply voltage V 460 Control circuit voltage - DC V 24 - AC V 110 Frequency Hz 60 CONNECTION VALUE Total connected load kVA 36 Basic current A 64 Input fuse A 80 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Depth mm 3200 Depth incl. chip conveyor mm 4350 Width mm 1500 Height mm 3200 Weight kg approx. 7500 Equipped With Lifetool Fanuc Series 32i-Model A Rotating Solid Centre Hydraulic Chucking Cylinder Sin85- With 2 Air Sensing Op 10/20 Medium Duct (Vl) Featuring Mineralit (Cast Granite) Machine Bed 1.1.2 8 Leveling Elements 1 Set (8 Pieces) Leveling Elements 1.1.3 8 Energy Container - Fanuc Equipped To Vde 0113 And En 13849 And Integrated In The Over-All Machine Frame, Thus Ensuring A Totally Transportable Unit. 4 60 V / 60 Hz Machine Voltage. Other Voltage On Request. Central Oil Supply System For Lubrication System Of The Recirculating Ballscrews And Guideway Systems And Also The Service Unit For Compresses Air Supply Are Integrated In The Energy Container. Your Advantages: - Outstanding Accessibility For Maintenance And Service . The Machine Bed Is Manufactured From High Quality Mineralit (Cast Granite) Which Guarantees High Precision Manufacturing By Small Distortion At Casting. Mineralit Has Excellent Vibration Dampening Properties Which Are Six To Eight Times Better Than Cast Iron. Your Advantages: - Lower Tooling Costs By Better Dampening And High Rigidity - High Size Accuracy By Small Heat Conductivity And High Thermal Stability - In An Environmentally Friendly Manner By Recycling Or Simple Disposal The Guideways, The Ballscrew Spindles, The Linear Measuring Systems And The Feed Motors Are Outside The Working Area And Therefore Requires No Protective Covers. Your Advantages: - High Process Stability, No Chips In The Drive And Measuring Systems Area TURRET BASIC UNIT C-361 - Fanuc 1.1.13 8 TURRET DRIVE UNIT FOR DRIVEN TOOLS C-361 - Fanuc Quick indexing times are obtained through electromotoric indexing drive with direction logic incl. amplifier (mounted in the electrical cabinet). The coolant system guarantees constantly maintained accuracy. Your advantages: Highest speed - Very low swivelling time - High speed with the use of driven tools Highest performance ratio - Smallest manufactured size with high torque Highest precision - Completely cast in turret into the machine bed = high rigidity - Very high repetition accuracy from tool position to tool position Highest availability - Collision-insensitively by using of a torque motor - No lifting of the turret disc, when swiveling. Thus no chips and dirt can arrive into the turret. A frequency controlled three phases AC motor with direction logic incl. amplifier (mounted in the electrical cabinet) drives the tool in use. Each turret position can be equipped with driven tools. With internal coolant feeding to the tool.* max. speed 6000 rpm** Full power at 3000 rpm Torque at 10% ED 40Nm/ 8,5 kW Torque at 40% ED 24Nm/ 7,5 kW Torque at 80% ED 17Nm/ 5,5 kW Torque at 100% ED 15Nm/ 3,5 kW * Coolant feeding through the tool requires a coolant purity of 50μ TURRET DISC FOR DRIVEN TOOLS C-361, 12xØ40mm DIN69880 Equipped for cylindrical shaft toolholders 40 mm. With internal coolant feeding to the tools. COMPONENT STORAGE AND CIRCULAR TRANSPORT CONVEYOR, GO212" Storage capacity 35 components with dia. 30 - 85 mm, max. 4 .5 kg, 23 components with dia. 30 - 160 mm, max. 7 .0 kg or 15 components with dia. 160 - 250 mm, max. 10 .0 kg max. component height 175 mm max. total weight of components 160 kg Loading height 1050 mm. The pick-up spindle picks up/deposits the unmachined/finished machined components from/onto the changeover-free transport conveyor. The indexing chain type conveyor is equipped with transport prisms. The components are automatically positioned for pick-up by the pick-up spindle. Various components heights are defined in the NC program. 1.1.17 8 CNC-CONTROL FANUC According to control specification. VDI, VDE and UVV machine tool building standards. Changes to the machine and these standards are not possible. 1.1.20 8 NOISE LEVEL A maximum sound level of 78 dB(A) to DIN 45635 is obtained when turning with a continuous cut on a C45 steel disc in both longitudinal and transverse direction.

Equipped With

Lifetool Fanuc Series 32i-Model A Rotating Solid Center Hydraulic Chucking Cylinder Sin85- With 2 15 Position Work piece Transport Pallets Renishaw Probing Air Sensing Op 10/20 Component Gauging Tool Detection Medium Duct (Vl) 1.3.4 8 AIR SENSING OP Workpiece Transport Pallets Interface To External Handling System, Fanuc Service Door Vl5i - Cabinet For Fluid Equipment Chip Conveyor - Side Discharge High Pressure Coolant Supply Coolant Mist Extractor Unit Chip CHILLER Coolant Chiller Air Blast Directed To The Component And The Clamping Chuck Sliding Door To The Machining Area Component Gauging $ Interface To External Handling System, Fanuc Tool Detection Unit 3-Color Status Light Utilization: ** Machining The overdrive carrier for the GM 7 Transmission ** **** Chuck and Tooling not Included ****

Emag VL5i Single Spindle Live Tool Vertical Turning (2) Machine Cell (2016)

Emag VL5i Single Spindle Live Tool Vertical Turning (2) Machine Cell (2016)
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